[concurrency-interest] Thread interruption protocol: InterruptedException is a "checked" exception, correct?

Tom Hawtin Thomas.Hawtin at Sun.COM
Thu May 21 08:43:02 EDT 2009

Gregg Wonderly wrote:
> Any thread may be interrupted at any point in its execution path.  The 
> fact that InterruptedException is a checked exception is the predominant 
> issue from my perspective.  It can be thrown from code which does not 
> declare it to be thrown as a checked exception.  InterruptedException 
> should be a RuntimeException because of this...  But, this will likely 
> never be something that can be changed for backward compatibility.

Inserting a superclass like that should not usually be a significant 
campatibility problem. In the specific case of Exception -> 
RuntimeException there are a couple problems that spring to mind.

  * Where methods (such as Atomic*FieldUpdate.newInstance) are specified 
to throw a RuntimeException in some cases, which may result in a catch 
RuntimeException without a catching all checked Exceptions.
  * AccessController.doPrivileged has freaky a specification and, in 
Sun's JRE, implementations - four overloads, but only two 
implementations. The PrivilegedExceptionAction versions let unchecked 
exceptions through (to be similar to the PrivilegedAction versions) but 
wrap checked exceptions.

OTOH, interruprs are a PITA. Making them disappear is probably not going 
to encourage people to make an effort to handle them sensibly.

Tom Hawtin

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