[concurrency-interest] Offering data to Futures

karlthepagan karlthepagan at gmail.com
Mon May 25 20:08:37 EDT 2009

As a followup to last week's great discussion of FutureTask.done() callbacks
I'd like to ask if anyone else has rolled their own "remote Future"
implementation or something which interfaces with a messaging library? I
found one attribute of FutureTask.Sync is that it protects innerSet and
innerSetException from being set outside of innerRun so as far as I imagined
it cannot be extend to provide a receiver for messages.

I find the Future API so comfortable that I wanted to apply it to other
IO-bound and remote tasks rather than simply CPU-bound tasks, but consuming
a thread per request isn't usually desirable. For example the Jersey HTTP
client API makes use of futures to solve an IO-bound task:

With that in mind here is an API inspired by a few iterations of this

public interface MessageFuture<V> extends Future<V> {
    boolean offer(V data);
    boolean offerException(Throwable t);

I have a possibly naive implementation up on GoogleCode, but feedback is

After providing something that could meet the needs of Jersey and/or Grizzly
http-client I would like to move this in the direction of simplifying the
interface to message-based systems without creating additional message
handles when they are not solicited (i.e. submit() would create a Future
task but execute() would not).

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