[concurrency-interest] Amino cbbs (Concurrent Building Blocks)

Doug Lea dl at cs.oswego.edu
Fri May 29 09:14:06 EDT 2009

To expand on a fleeting reference I made in another post,
people on this list might be interested in trying out
components from the Amino Concurrent Building Blocks
This is an open-source effort sponsored by IBM to create
concurrent data structures and algorithms in C++ and Java.
I'm sure they welcome new contributions as well.

It includes some useful components that for various reasons
are probably not immediate candidates for JDK inclusion --
for example emulation of multi-way CAS, graph algorithms
operating on particular graph representations, and various
lists and trees. One difference from jsr166 efforts is that most
classes are not constrained to adhere to java.util.* interfaces
or conventions. This enables inclusion of for example
class LockFreeVector that doesn't conform to the List API
(and would be difficult at best to make conform) but still
may be useful when you don't require Lists.
Similarly, java.util.*, like the standardized/core libraries
of most languages, doesn't include graph algorithms, since most
rely on particular representations, and there are just
too many commonly used representations -- neighbor
lists, collections of edge-objects,  adjacency matrices,
weighted versions, etc. However, if you can use the
representations offered in Amino cbbs, you can use those


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