[concurrency-interest] [CPU Affinity] ThreadPoolExecutor to improve"O.S Scheduler" ?

David Holmes davidcholmes at aapt.net.au
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I'm not really understanding your problem/issue, but most systems have some
notion of processing domains that let you allocate resources (memory and
CPU) to a domain and then run specific processes in specific domains. On
Solaris this is done with processor sets, while on Linux there are CPU-sets.
I don't know what HP-UX has.

There are no Java API's to control thread or process affinity (other than by
exec'ing OS utilities to do it, or calling your own native code routines.

Normally, absent any domains, all processes (and all their threads) can run
on any available processor/core.


David Holmes
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        I'm very new to concurrent programming and I couldn't find anywhere
if this is an issue or just a limitation.

        I'm running several instances of a java process like "process.sh &
process.sh & process.sh ..." in an HP-UX that runs over a 12-core machine.

        When I use sar, top, and other utilities I can see that HP-UX is
using just 1 core. It doesn't manage to assign one processor per process.

        Can I get this using ThreadPoolExecutor (like one
System.Runtime.exec() per thread)?

        Unfortunately, this machine is a production server so I can't get
access to it in order to do some test and verify that, and of course, if
this make a significant time improvement.

        Thank you very much in advanced.


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