[concurrency-interest] InterruptedException-free wrappers forcalls that "will never be interrupted"

David Holmes davidcholmes at aapt.net.au
Wed Apr 14 19:56:44 EDT 2010


I've read this thread but still don't understand what problem you think
needs solving. Anything that aids developers in not thinking about
interrupts and cancellation when they are utilizing blocking methods is just
a bad idea.

> But again, I think maybe I can console myself with "restore interrupt,
> wrap with RpcException, and throw" to handle interrupts when I'm
> already declaring a checked RpcException.  Is this totally off base?

If interruption is just one of many potential failures modes then converting
it to a general exception and re-asserting the interrupt is a perfectly
legitimate response. REF CPJ 2e.

David Holmes

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