[concurrency-interest] High performance clock/counter

Peter Veentjer alarmnummer at gmail.com
Fri Apr 23 18:10:56 EDT 2010

High All,

I'm looking for a high performance counter to be used inside an STM.

Atm I use an AtomicLong, but if the number threads increase, the
performance drops, example:

Thread count: 1
Update transactions/second: 74,149,986.633
Update transactions/second: 74,149,986.633 per core

Thread count: 2
Update transactions/second: 22,864,414.996
Update transactions/second: 11,432,207.498 per core

Thread count: 4
Update transactions/second: 21,958,871.971
Update transactions/second: 5,489,717.993 per core

Thread count: 8
Update transactions/second: 25,207,393.631
Update transactions/second: 3,150,924.204 per core

I have a machine with 8 cores.

I already use a 'relaxed' increment, it is allowed that concurrent
increments on the clock,
return the same value. So I'm using the following:

long writeVersion;
if (strict) {
    writeVersion = clock.incrementAndGet();
} else {
    long value = clock.get();
    writeVersion = value+1;
    clock.compareAndSet(value, writeVersion);

The performance numbers above are creating using the strict = false.

I was also playing with the Counter of the high scale lib from Cliff Click,
and the increment is amazingly fast (it gets faster the more cores I
throw at it). But
the big problem is that the increment doesn't return a value, and I need this
to determine the writeversion of the transaction. If I do a
counter.get after the
increment, the performance drops far under the AtomicLong with the
relaxed increment.

So does someone know about a library/approach to solve this situation?

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