[concurrency-interest] the remove-on-cancel policy on ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor

Kasper Nielsen kasper at kav.dk
Tue Aug 31 14:44:11 EDT 2010

On 31/08/10 17.51, Doug Lea wrote:
> The story on this is that it was (and presumably still is)
> Sun/Oracle policy not to introduce API changes between
> major releases. So even though we have had a version with
> setRemoveOnCancelPolicy in our jsr166 CVS for years now,
> the only distributed version is in openjdk7 (as well as
> the jdk7 binary snapshots). And while it is a little
> painful to set up, you can always get a copy from us
> (either standalone or part of jsr166.jar) and place in your
> bootclasspath to use it with JDK6+. (Get it via links at
> http://gee.cs.oswego.edu/dl/concurrency-interest/index.html)
> -Doug
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Would it make sense to at least clear the reference to the 
runnable/callable on future.cancel() to allow it to be gc'ed?

I haven't ever been bugged down by this but I could imagine some people 
might have.


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