[concurrency-interest] Race condition on singleton

David Holmes davidcholmes at aapt.net.au
Thu Dec 9 17:31:21 EST 2010

Hi Guy,

In addition to compilable/runnable test case can you tell us which platform
and which JDK version please. Also can you test if it happens
with -Xint -client and -server.

Other than the typo in the variable name there's nothing wrong with your
code and static initialization of the class should be ensuring full

David Holmes
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  We found a very strange pattern that seems like contradicting the Java
Memory Model.
  It seems like a class that is maintained as singleton doesn't have its
constructor fully initialized!
  See the code example bellow.

  public class MyClass{

    private static final MyClass = new MyClass();

    private final HashMap map;

    private MyClass(){
        map = new HashMap();

    public void put(Object k, Object v){

    static public getMyClass(){
      return myClass;

  And when we invoke the following:


  We get a NullPointerException on the "map.put(k,v);", meaning the
map==null !?!?

  Any ideas?

  Guy Korland
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