[concurrency-interest] Race condition on singleton

Guy Korland gkorland at gmail.com
Fri Dec 10 10:31:11 EST 2010


we got it while running jdk6u19.
The problem is that it happened to us only once and in two different places in the code that uses the same pattern. 

Guy Korland
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Hi Guy,

In addition to compilable/runnable test case can you tell us which platform
and which JDK version please. Also can you test if it happens
with -Xint -client and -server.

Other than the typo in the variable name there's nothing wrong with your
code and static initialization of the class should be ensuring full

David Holmes
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  We found a very strange pattern that seems like contradicting the Java
Memory Model.
  It seems like a class that is maintained as singleton doesn't have its
constructor fully initialized!
  See the code example bellow.

  public class MyClass{

    private static final MyClass = new MyClass();

    private final HashMap map;

    private MyClass(){
        map = new HashMap();

    public void put(Object k, Object v){

    static public getMyClass(){
      return myClass;

  And when we invoke the following:


  We get a NullPointerException on the "map.put(k,v);", meaning the
map==null !?!?

  Any ideas?

  Guy Korland

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