[concurrency-interest] Doug Lea and Tim Peierls depart from JCP

Victor Grazi vgrazi at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 23:42:49 EST 2010

Off topic, my apologies in advance. But as an employee of Credit Suisse and
a member of the Credit Suisse JCP Technical Advisory Committee, I share Doug
Lea and Tim Peierls sentiment in resigning from the JCP. Android is the best
thing that ever happened to Java, and Java wouldn't be Java if not for
Apache's contribution!

However as a Java developer since the early days, I would hate to assist in
Java's hari kari!

What will be the future of Java without the key players - I mean is anyone
meaningful working on Java concurrency besides Doug and Tim?

Come on guys - I don't work for Oracle, I am just a simple Java developer
who wants to see Java continue to grow.
Larry Ellison is way too egotistical to be strong-armed - do we really need
to contribute to the death of Java?

Sorry for the off-topic rant, but I am a long time list member so I hope you
will forgive me!

Regards, Victor Grazi
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