[concurrency-interest] [ANN] 1024cores

Dmitriy V'jukov dvyukov at gmail.com
Thu Dec 30 15:38:38 EST 2010


I want to announce my new site devoted to concurrency, parallel
computations, wait-free/lock-free synchronization algorithms,
multicore, scalable architecture, hardware aspects and related topics:

Well, I am a C/C++ developer and thus I write mostly in that context,
and code samples are in C/C++. However, most aspects are actually
language-independent - the same algorithms can be used in both
languages, architectural aspects are the same, hardware aspects
equally affect both.

The site is only a week old, so there are not much materials available
as of now. However I plan to constantly add new materials, so I
agitate you for subscribing to the RSS feed:
and/or following the blog:

Happy Christmas, New Year, Solstice or whatever your winter celebration is! ;)

Dmitriy V'jukov

All about lock-free algorithms, multicore, scalability, parallel
computing and related topics

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