[concurrency-interest] JDK7 schedule and extra166y

Doug Lea dl at cs.oswego.edu
Wed Jan 6 19:18:50 EST 2010

Blair Zajac wrote:
> With the JDK7 pushing out to late next year and getting closures, what 
> are the plans with extra166y?  Will it make it into JDK7?  Will JDK7 see 
> some version of CustomConcurrentHashMap?
> How much will closures effect the collections already in JDK7?

Well, rather than leaving this un-replied-to for so long,
I'll just leave it unanswered :-)

We have no idea where plans for lambda/closure language
enhancements are going, or if they will be done with
enough of a window to overhaul ParallelArray etc to
ship them.

For CustomConcurrentHashMap, we are still leaving it
to the Google Collections folks to experiment with
different caching APIs and algorithms. We'll probably
revisit possible standardization into JDK before
Java7 though.

In the mean-time, expect some improvements soon
in the stuff we ARE shipping (ForkJoin, TransferQueues).
I'll post some notes on these as they get firmer.


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