[concurrency-interest] ForkJoin Tweaks

Doug Lea dl at cs.oswego.edu
Thu May 27 12:53:05 EDT 2010

Updates to FJ (both jsr166y and openjdk7-ready j.u.c versions) include
a few changes inspired by conversations Cliff Click blogged about
at http://www.azulsystems.com/blogs/cliff/
You'll probably see better performance.

Get them at the usual places:

# API specs:  http://gee.cs.oswego.edu/dl/jsr166/dist/jsr166ydocs/
# jar file: http://gee.cs.oswego.edu/dl/jsr166/dist/jsr166y.jar (compiled using 
Java6 javac).
# Browsable CVS sources: 

openjdk7-ready java.util.concurrent:
# API specs:  http://gee.cs.oswego.edu/dl/jsr166/dist/docs/
# jar file: http://gee.cs.oswego.edu/dl/jsr166/dist/jsr166.jar
# Browsable CVS sources: 

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