[concurrency-interest] General Question on queue-size

Kai Meder stuff at kai.meder.info
Mon May 31 10:51:35 EDT 2010


there was a discussion about the ConcurrentLinkedQueue regarding a
proper size implementation. One Point was that offer and poll would
fight for an atomic Counter, resulting in a huge performance penalty.
Another Point was the general "asynchronous" nature of the offer- and
poll-operations, so the size would only be a rough estimate.

However is the following not possible either?
- offer increments an offerCounter
- poll increments a pollCounter
- estimatedSize = offerCounter - pollCounter

Is this practicable?
I am looking for a way to implement a BoundedQueue where the producer is
stopped after the buffer is full (bounded). However I am not able to use
the existing Queues as they are blocking. I experiment with
Continuation-Passing-Style (reset/shift) in Scala and must not use any
traditional Thread-blocking-operations.

Any comment appreciated. Thanks.

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