[concurrency-interest] Handling DAGs with JSR166

Doug Lea dl at cs.oswego.edu
Wed Nov 17 08:30:17 EST 2010

> On 11/15/10 13:38, Niko Matsakis wrote:
>> The idea is that each task represents a node in the DAG. I
>> don't know the DAG before hand, so I need to run the tasks to find out who will
>> join which other tasks. ...
>> Clearly I am violating some assumption.

Revisiting this: The undocumented assumption in
one FJ component was that any joinable task heads a DAG
(rather than is part of a DAG), which was too strict.
Rather than trying to explain this away, it is better
to relax the restriction/assumption, which we did
in updated version.

Thanks to Niko for some offlist checks on this.


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