[concurrency-interest] any Java projects that use loop parallelism?

Danny Dig dig at illinois.edu
Thu Apr 21 14:33:54 EDT 2011


My group at University of Illinois has built several refactoring tools
for converting sequential Java code to parallelism
(http://refactoring.info/tools ). We are evaluating one of our tools
that analyzes whether it's safe to parallelize a Java loop. We could
not finding real Java programs that used parallel loops to improve

We are interested to find both programs that use plain-old Java
threads, or the newer library constructs (e.g., ParallelArray). A
google code search on ParallelArray only reveals a couple of projects
(besides the jsr166extra, scala libraries, and test code) that use
ParallelArray. This makes sense, given that ParallelArray is new;
however, we don't have much luck finding loops that use Threads for
parallelism either. Do you know any Java programs that use loop


Danny Dig
Visiting Research Assistant Professor at UIUC


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