[concurrency-interest] general performance question

Roel Spilker r.spilker at topdesk.com
Thu Dec 22 04:32:28 EST 2011

You can use http://projectlombok.org/features/Synchronized.html as a way 
to use a private lock object AND (potentially) have static analysis.

Can anyone explain to me why an overridden method should be synchronized 
as well?


Disclosure: I'm involved in Project Lombok

On 21-12-2011 17:45, Nathan Reynolds wrote:
> On the other hand, "synchronized(this)" will trigger Eclipse or 
> FindBugs to warn you that the code is synchronizing on a publicly 
> accessible object.  This means that if another piece of code 
> synchronizes on the object then there might be an unintended 
> scalability problem.

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