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Definitely makes a lot of different for Akka's performance.


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> The hotspot JVM does no pinning/binding of any kind. The OS provides the
> illusion of an entity called a "processor", which appear to be equivalent
> to the JVM but in practice a thread is not a core is not a socket. The OS
> does all the scheduling and will generally use locality heuristics and
> prefer to run threads on the same entity they last ran on. But it varies.
> David
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> Assuming we have 8 physical cores (intel xeon SMP) and the java process
> has more than 12 threads running  through out its life cycle (no shared
> variables),
> Would you enable hyperthreading and have 16 logical cores?
> Does enabling hyperthreading result in far less number of context switches
> in this case?
> Does the jvm recognize that these threads have no shared data/contention
> and pin/bind it to different cores?
> Thanks,
> Rahul.
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