[concurrency-interest] Visualize parallelism

David Holmes davidcholmes at aapt.net.au
Wed Feb 16 02:01:27 EST 2011

Are you looking for something that would show you the task graph that gets
created? I don't know of any such tools, though it would be interesting to
know a few basic facts about the graph when tuning your algorithms.

The ability to use different cores is just a consequence of multi-threading.
There's nothing specific to FJ about that - it will use as many cores as it
has threads with work to do.

David Holmes
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  This is a newbie question.

          What is the recommended way to visualize how the FJ API's
parallelism is able to use different cores ? Is there a Windows tool for
visualizing it at that level ?

  Is any tool like this used by the team to test the API ?


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