[concurrency-interest] ForkJoinPool.ManagedBlocker examples

Alex Miller alex at puredanger.com
Tue Feb 22 21:04:03 EST 2011

Would it be clearer to say:  "These actions are performed by the
thread invoking {@link ForkJoinPool#managedBlock}." ?

On 2/22/11 19:26, Doug Lea wrote:
>> A separate question, why are the ForkJoin classes no longer in a
>> forkjoin sub-package and just mixed into java.util.concurrent?  Seems
>> weird.
> It could have gone either way, but it is no weirder than having
> ThreadPoolExecutor and FutureTask being in j.u.c:
> Like them, a ForkJoinPool is "just" a special kind of Executor, and a
> ForkJoinTask a kind of Future.

True, although it seems like it would provide some more obvious
separation of what has been introduced together, especially things
like RecursiveTask, RecursiveAction, ManagedBlocker (which could be
pulled out), and ForkJoinWorkerThread.  But I assume this is all too
late to futz with now anyhow.


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