[concurrency-interest] Checking for Race Conditions in Concurrent Code

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IBM Multicore Software Development Kit(MSDK) is a full-feature toolkit to
test, debug and profile Java multithreaded applications. It includes an
effective and efficient runtime data race detector that may meet your need.

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在 2011-11-8 上午8:50,"Nathan Reynolds" <nathan.reynolds at oracle.com>写道:

>  When writing concurrent code what are some good tools to check for race
> conditions?
> I use Java Path Finder.  It allows for testing the Java code without
> converting it into some abstract model.  The challenge is writing useful
> tests which don't take forever to check all of the thread scheduling
> interleavings.  So, I am wondering what other tools exist out there that
> will run very quickly and are very easy to map Java to model.
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