[concurrency-interest] AtomicReferenceFieldUpdater vs Unsafe

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Unsafe is big and that’s a separate issue from concurrency patterns (CAS is that we started with). The problem is that ByteBuffer is not as fast as byte[] – even though it uses Unsafe inside, HotSpot is not able to eliminate range checks and translate ByteBuffer usage to an efficient code (while at the same time being very efficient with optimizing byte[] usage). I’ve even reported that fact (that ByteBuffer is slower than byte[]) to Sun bug database several years ago when it first appeared in 1.5 and I did tests on it and it was accepted, but never gained any priority.


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The downside is that it fuels the use of sun.misc.Unsafe by 3rd party programmer. Every day there are more and more blogs explaining advantages of Unsafe to the average programmer.

Yes. A common use of Unsafe these days is to improve the performance of compression algorithms written in pure Java:


Off-heap caches too:


It's a shame that this is needed.

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