[concurrency-interest] Question about phasers and cache lines

Mohan Radhakrishnan radhakrishnan.mohan at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 06:24:54 EST 2011

         Request some explanation about these two items.

1. I have used the Phaser API and looked at the Rice university paper
which mentions deadlock-freedom and phase-ordering. What exactly are
these advantages of the Phaser API and use cases for it ? I am
basically able to understand that threads can advance in phases like
leaders and followers but I am not getting the real idea behind the
performance considerations of phasers. Are there more examples ?

2. Where do I read about cache lines , false sharing and why locations
have to be 4-words apart so that they don't fall in the same cache
line (Herlihy and shavit) ? Can I write a Java program to induce false
sharing ?

Though the topics might be advanced my questions are more basic. Thanks.


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