[concurrency-interest] Transactional memory on GCC 4.7.0, what about Java?

Nathan Reynolds nathan.reynolds at oracle.com
Fri Nov 18 12:15:15 EST 2011

We would probably need to consider STM and hardware support.  IBM 
recently released a chip that supports transaction memory.  Sun's Rock 
(cancelled) was going to support transactional memory.  I wouldn't be 
surprised if other hardware vendors were considering transactional 
memory support for their processors.

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On 11/17/2011 12:40 AM, Guy Korland wrote:
> It seems like the upcoming GCC 4.7.0 is going to include a build-in 
> support for Transactional memory.
> See: http://lwn.net/Articles/466513/
> "Following a last-minute request, the "transactional memory" GCC 
> branch has been merged into the trunk for the 4.7.0 release. 
> Transactional memory is specified in a draft standard [PDF] for C and 
> C++; the idea is to provide a relatively simple way for developers to 
> execute code with atomic "all or nothing" semantics."
> I think it's about time to set a JSR about adding STM to Java also:
> 1. Adding to that the fact that STM can be added much more easily to 
> Java than JVM.
> 2. JVM based Dynamic languages like Scala already offer their alternative.
> 3. There exists couple of working implementations like 
> Multiverse, DSTM2, DeuceSTM...
> Any thoughts?
> Regards,
> Guy Korland
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