[concurrency-interest] Instead of "To Be or Not To Be" try "Has Been or Has Not Been" - A new tool that answers Java concurrency questions.

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Thu Sep 1 04:16:49 EDT 2011

_To All Interested in Concurrency Interest Group:_

We would like to introduce for your consideration a new tool, SUM4Java 
Threads Analyzer.
Your experience with it and your opinion about it will be greatly 

SUM stands for Software Understanding Machine®. The tool promises 0% 
false positive results, total independence from any IDE, analysis done 
directly on byte code, obfuscated or not, and an unusually small 
overhead, allowing the applicability to most of production applications 
and not only the ones still under test.

SUM4Java serves as insurance for Race Free reliability of your applications.
It answers the Java concurrency question: "Has Been or Has Not Been 
there a multithreading contention" with a 0% false positive rate of results.
It provides you with the certainty and the peace of mind - if races were 
not caught - they did not occur.Any race experienced in test (or in 
production) is automatically caught and analyzed.You are then presented 
with the results.That allows a boost in the reliability of your Java 
applications.You also get a bust in program understanding.Any Java code 
- with race conditions or without them, no matter what-can now be seen 
through animated graphs and icons.

If you used to call yourself a Black Box Tester, you are now a White Box 
Tester.The Black Box is gone.
If you used to call yourself a White Box Tester - you can now speak to a 
programmer with confidence - the request to reproduce the failure is not 
going to be there - the failure is not only already recorded but is also 
already analyzed.

If you are a programmer - allow SUM agent to become a natural addition 
to your JVM environment and to stand on guard for you.  Have a new look 
at any java code, now from a new perspective, through animated graphs 
and icons.

The links to video demo:
http://thinkingsoftware.com/video47   - 47 seconds video
http://thinkingsoftware.com/video        - 5 minutes video

The link for ROI calculator, Standard and Enterprise versions:  
The link to the RFOS (Race Free Open Source) version:  

Please let us know your opinion.

suport at ThinkingSoftware.com

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