[concurrency-interest] CountedCompleters

Doug Lea dl at cs.oswego.edu
Sat Apr 21 09:05:29 EDT 2012

On 04/21/12 08:54, Wolfgang Baltes wrote:
> Thanks, Doug, for implementing this and providing the update to this list. I
> guess all this will come with JDK 8, and not before!?

Yes, but we keep the jsr166y versions in sync with updates
to j.u.c versions. Assuming you are able to run java with
with special booclasspath settings, you can use them now
(with any jdk6+ JVM) just by changing imports from
java.util.concurrent to jsr166y and then running with
jsr166y.jar in your bootclasspath. (Although this may
not work under some SecurityManagers.)


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