[concurrency-interest] Atomic.*lazyGet

Aleksey Shipilev aleksey.shipilev at oracle.com
Wed Aug 8 08:29:08 EDT 2012


Inspired by Doug's API completeness endeavor in CHM, and recent
WeakReference discussion, I had remembered the thing long haunting me.

In short, I would like us to consider adding lazyGet() to our atomic
primitives. Googling around haven't got me to any pointers if anyone had
considered this before. If anyone had, please point me there.

There are couple of thoughts in favor of this proposal:
  a. Introduce relaxed semantics for volatile reads. We have relaxed
semantics for volatile writes via lazySet() to ease of the impact of
volatile stores in some cases. We get the impact of volatile reads more
or less zero for current mainstream TSO hardware, but lazyGet() could be
beneficial for non-TSO hardware.
  b. Symmetry against lazySet(). From the pure API standpoint, the
asymmetry drives my OCD crazy.
  c. Push Unsafe to implement symmetric Unsafe.getOrdered*(), this could
be useful for naked Unsafe users. This is challenging to synchronize
across all JVM vendors, so this could be the use case driving the addition.

lazyGet() should have the LoadLoad semantics, which will reduce to nop
on most platforms. However, this has the additional effect to prevent
compilers from hoisting the memory load.

If we introduce lazyGet() at this point, we could just do volatile read
for now, and then replace it with appropriate Unsafe intrinsic once



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