[concurrency-interest] Double Checked Locking in OpenJDK

Boehm, Hans hans.boehm at hp.com
Tue Aug 14 20:05:35 EDT 2012

I think we need to get to the point where we routinely run (dynamic) race detectors, at least during testing.  Yet another reason to avoid intentional data races which will make it hard to make sense out of the results.


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> > I think the lesson should be avoid data races - period. :) if you
> find a
> > case where you can justify it (i.e. profiling/testing guided) then
> consider
> > it.  I bet there will be few and far in between cases like that.
> sincere, if vulgar, question: as a run-of-the-mill Joe Average
> programmer, how the heck do i even know that i've managed to avoid
> them? and if i do manage to avoid them, have i not just basically
> walked into potential, hiding, secret, waiting until after i ship to
> show up, deadlockville? (all in all, shared-mutable-state-concurrency
> seems pretty bad.)
> sincerely.
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