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On Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 07:59, Holger Peine <Holger.Peine at fh-hannover.de>wrote:

> Am 14.02.2012 20:46, schrieb Boehm, Hans:
> >> From: Holger Peine
> >> (I use to tell my students "writing to a volatile flushes the cache".)
> >
> > That somewhat conveys the right idea, but not entirely.  In particular:
> >
> > - If only v is volatile, then x = 1; v = 1; z = 1 does not ensure that
> the write to x becomes visible before the write to z.
> The JMM does ensure that the write to x becomes visible together with
> the write to v, and that was the original poster's (Talip Ozturk)
> question.
> What happens to z is another question: The JMM only guarantees that it
> will not become visible before the write to x or v (since it
> happens-after the x and v writes).

Does it? Why is it prevented from re-ordering the write to z up before the
write to v, and indeed even before the write to x?

> It may never become visible at all.
> It it becomes visible, however, then that will be after (or at the same
> time as) the writes to x and v (since any other ordering would violate
> the happens-before relation). So your above statement about z is
> technically correct (since it may never become visible at all), but
> somewhat misleading (since it cannot be become visible before x and v).
> Your later statement that "the fence after a volatile
> store ... It's there only to order the volatile
> store with respect to a possible subsequent volatile load."
> sounds like what was true in Java prior to Java 5. Since Java 5,
> however, volatile stores do impose an ordering not only regarding
> other volatile accesses, but also regarding non-volatile accesses
> that happened-before the volatile store.
> - At least that's how I understand the JMM. I'd be eager to hear that
> I've been wrong all the time.
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> Holger Peine
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