[concurrency-interest] volatile guarantee for directbuffer

Holger Peine Holger.Peine at fh-hannover.de
Wed Feb 15 04:33:35 EST 2012

Am 15.02.2012 07:59, schrieb Holger Peine:
> What happens to z is another question: The JMM only guarantees that it
> will not become visible before the write to x or v (since it
> happens-after the x and v writes). It may never become visible at all.
> It it becomes visible, however, then that will be after (or at the same
> time as) the writes to x and v (since any other ordering would violate
> the happens-before relation). So your above statement about z is
> technically correct (since it may never become visible at all), but
> somewhat misleading (since it cannot be become visible before x and v).

I'd like to retract this statement, to prevent creating further

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