[concurrency-interest] Recursive Directory checker

Aleksandar Lazic al-javaconcurrencyinterest at none.at
Fri Feb 24 10:59:35 EST 2012

Dear list members,

I'm on the way to write a directory counter.

I'm new to all this thread/fork stuff, so please accept my apologize
for such a 'simple' question ;-)

What is the 'best' Class for such a program.


I plan to use for the main program.


  File startdir = new File("/home/user/");
  File[] files = file.listFiles()

  add directories to the Queue.

I'm unsure which Queue is the best for this?


I tend to BlockingDeque

   ForkJoinPool fjp = new ForkJoinPool(5);

   foreach worker
     get filesizes and $SummAtomicLong.addAndGet(filesizes);

print "the Directory and there subdirs have {} Mbytes", $SummAtomicLong



   foreach directory
     if directory is not in queue
       add directory to the Queue.

   foreach file
     add filesize to $workerAtomicLong.addAndGet(file.size);

I hope it is a little bit clear what I want to do ;-)

No this is not a Homework ;-)

Should I use a global variable for the SummAtomicLong?
Should I use a global variable for the DirectoryQueue?

I expect that there are not more then 
'ForkJoinPool(5)'-Threads/Processes which work
on the disk, is that right?

I have try to understand some of the


but I have still some questions.

Many thanks for all your help.


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