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  Does "Strings.setDateTimeFromFileName" by any chance use java.util.SimpleDateFormat stored in a static field?

  Otherwise, could you please send us some working code that we can run in order to see the effect you are talking about?


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  On 1/23/12 10:31 AM, edsen at libero.it wrote: 

    I need orders my files from list directory, that is changing continously.

    My files must be fetched by order-date (oldest from newest...) and I check the age of files from file naming convention. The files are:XXXXX_yymmdd.

    Below you can find the code that get the following input parameters: 

    - this.directory: directory of file list.

    - fileRegexp: regular expression in order to retrieve the date.

    - datetimeGroup: group where the date is present in the file naming convention.

    - timestampFromFileNameFormat: date format convention.

    // get the list of files currently in the directory

    File[] files = 


    protected  File[] dirListByDate(final File folder, final Pattern fileRegexp, final int datetimeGroup, final String timestampFromFileNameFormat) throws IOException {

    if  (!folder.isDirectory() || !folder.exists()) {

    throw new

    IOException(folder.getName() +  " : Not a folder or not exist");


    File files[] = this.list(folder, false); 

    // don't include subfolder

    Arrays.sort(files, newComparator<Object>() {

    public int compare(final Object o1, final Object o2) {

    final String s1 = ((File) o1).getName();

    final String s2 = ((File) o2).getName();

    final  Matcher m = fileRegexp.matcher(s1);

    final  Matcher n = fileRegexp.matcher(s2);

    if  (m.matches() && n.matches()) {

    final String date1 = m.group(datetimeGroup);

    final String date2 = n.group(datetimeGroup);

    final long dateAndTime1 = Strings.setDateTimeFromFileName(date1, timestampFromFileNameFormat);

    final long dateAndTime2 = Strings.setDateTimeFromFileName(date2, timestampFromFileNameFormat);

    return dateAndTime1 < dateAndTime2 ? -1 : dateAndTime1 > dateAndTime2 ? 1 : 0;




    log.error("Files don't match...File1->" + s1 + " File2 -> " + s2);

    alarm.sendAlarm(AlarmInterface.FILE_NAMING_CONVENTION_FAILED,"File Naming Convention incorrect: "


    s1 + 

    " with size " + s1.getBytes() + " of directory " + folder + s2 + 

    " with size " + s2.getBytes() + " of directory "+ folder);

    return 0;




    return files;

    protected File[] list(File folder, boolean includeSubFolder) {

    if  (!folder.isDirectory()) {

    return null;


    File files[] = folder.listFiles();

    List<File> list = new ArrayList<File>();

    for (File file : files) {

    if  (file.isDirectory()) {

    if (includeSubFolder) {









    if(list.isEmpty()) {

    return list.toArray(newFile[] {});


    return list.toArray(new File[] {});


    What happens? Happens that every thing works for 3-4 traffic days, but sometimes it processes newest files instead of oldest.

    I don't understand what can be wrong??

    Can you help me in order to fix it?

    Can you suggest me a solution?

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards.

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