[concurrency-interest] Scaling ConcurrentNavigableMap

Sergi Vladykin sergi at vladykin.com
Fri Jul 13 19:16:31 EDT 2012


I'm working on component which is based on ConcurrentNavigableMap and
it has strong requirement to scale well on updates in multicore
environment. But I'm experiencing some problems with that since
ConcurrentSkipListMap or SnapTreeMap don't seem to be scalable enough
because in my simple test where I'm putting pregenerated random UUIDs
in multiple threads I can't reach full CPU utilization even on 8
cores. As far as I understand there are two main scalability problems
here, the first is threads contention and the second is memory
management/gc (although FullGC never happens in my test).
My first attempt to improve throughput was to reduce contention by
splitting map to multiple segments and choose which one to update
using key's hashCode, assuming that hash codes are uniformly
distributed, but it didn't help much. ConcurrentSkipListMap is
lock-free so I expect to have full CPU utilization when threads number
is greater then or equal to number of cores but it is not the case
too. So it seems to me that memory management is major bottleneck
here. Am I right? May be someone can point me other directions to
solution of this problem?
I should point right away that adding data to unsorted map and sort on
demand will not be a good idea since there can be millions of entries
and the sorting will take too long. Also I'm thinking about creating
some special array-based data structure which will not generate
additional garbage but it will probably have problems with insertion
to the middle.

Any thoughts and suggestions are very appreciated.


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