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Nathan Reynolds nathan.reynolds at oracle.com
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 > maybe some day could we have the JVM figure out and create padding 

Intel and Oracle (and probably a lot of others) have kicked this idea 
around.  It is a much longer term project.  @Contended is the faster 

For starters, it is sometimes very difficult to detect false sharing.  
The processor counters don't clearly say "There is false sharing at this 
address!"  In a specific case, they said the reorder buffer is full and 
is causing stalls due to a return instruction.  That took us a while to 
figure out it was false sharing.

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On 11/29/2012 3:42 PM, Jeff Hain wrote:
> >IMHO, sun.misc.Contended is the right place for this one,
> >as it will hopefully discourage people from using it,
> >unless they really know what they are doing.
> It will also discourage people from using it, even though
> they would know what they are doing, if they want to make
> efficient AND portable libraries.
> To remain portable I'll stick to hand-made padding until
> @Contented or equivalent makes it to non-JVMese Java.
> That said, I understand that it might not be a good idea
> to promote such a low-level feature into the language
> (maybe some day could we have the JVM figure out and create
> padding dynamically?).
> >Next you find programmers making all their fields "Contended",
> >because they read on some blog that it makes things faster.
> >Then instead of your object using only 32 bytes, it gets
> >bloated to 512 bytes.
> Programmers already have access to much more dangerous features
> such as System.exit(...), while loops, new (!!!), etc.
> If people have trouble understanding that it causes memory padding,
> maybe it could be renamed into @CacheLinePadded.
> -Jeff
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