[concurrency-interest] Call for participation in development of the Open Source Java concurrency benchmark (Hydra)

Edmon Begoli ebegoli at gmail.com
Mon Oct 1 10:47:55 EDT 2012


I would like to invite all on this mailing list who might be
interested in establishing,
having and using a widely recognized benchmark to contribute design
ideas and code to what I am proposing.

I have started developing a Java concurrency benchmark and it is
listed on Github.
Repository is here:

and wiki, just created is here:

I am doing this as part of the research effort I started at my lab
(Oak Ridge National Laboratory),
and since this is an open research I intend to make this an open
source, collaborative project and available to broader community.

So far, code is generally influenced by test code as provided in
jsr166y and extra, and I am needing to make it Java 6 compliant,
although Java 7 and Java 8 version will be implemented either
immediately or as branches.

At the minimum, you can help me with ideas what you think would be
relevant and should be benchmarked.

So far, I have been implementing a ParallelArraySort for arrays of
arbitrary size and possibly dynamic parallel sorting threshold.

I have also taken a Fibonacci example and want to turn it into a
benchmark. I would also like to have more numerical, parallel

I am also developing a simple Latch or CyclicBarrier based benchark
for stateless, Actors like execution of functions with common
barrier/arrival point. With this I want to benchmark maximal thread
count and completion capabilities of the system.

If you are interested to participate please send me an e-mail or reply
to this. ANY help is appreciated.

For those interested in research and academic publishing we would also
work on a research paper outlining the benchmark
once the work is complete.

Thank you for your attention,
Edmon Begoli
ebegoli gmail com
begolie ornl gov

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