[concurrency-interest] Benchmark to demonstrate improvement in thread management over the years.

Unmesh Joshi unmeshjoshi at gmail.com
Mon Aug 12 09:03:50 EDT 2013


Most of the books on node.js, Akka, Play or any other event IO based system
frequently talk about 'Threads' being heavy and there is cost we have to
pay for all the booking the OS or the JVM has to do with all the threads.
While I agree that there must be some cost and for doing CPU intensive
tasks like matrix multiplication, and fork-join kind of framework will be
more performant, I am not sure if for web server kind of IO intensive
application that's the case.

On the contrary, I am seeing web servers running on tomcat with 1000 +
threads without issues.  For web servers. I think that Linux level thread
management has improved a lot in last 10 years. Same is with the JVM.

Do we have any benchmark which shows how much Linux thread management and
JVM thread management have improved over the years?

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