[concurrency-interest] Benchmark to demonstrate improvement in thread management over the years.

Oleksandr Otenko oleksandr.otenko at oracle.com
Mon Aug 12 10:06:28 EDT 2013



On 12/08/2013 14:03, Unmesh Joshi wrote:
> Hi,
> Most of the books on node.js, Akka, Play or any other event IO based 
> system frequently talk about 'Threads' being heavy and there is cost 
> we have to pay for all the booking the OS or the JVM has to do with 
> all the threads.
> While I agree that there must be some cost and for doing CPU intensive 
> tasks like matrix multiplication, and fork-join kind of framework will 
> be more performant, I am not sure if for web server kind of IO 
> intensive application that's the case.
> On the contrary, I am seeing web servers running on tomcat with 1000 + 
> threads without issues.  For web servers. I think that Linux level 
> thread management has improved a lot in last 10 years. Same is with 
> the JVM.
> Do we have any benchmark which shows how much Linux thread management 
> and JVM thread management have improved over the years?
> Thanks,
> Unmesh
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