[concurrency-interest] Reordering and Immutability

David Holmes davidcholmes at aapt.net.au
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Sorry I have non-html based mailer so responding inline is not reasonable.

The implicit initialization of static fields to their default values will
always happen-before any thread can see those fields due to the class
initialization process. So the reference is either null or a proper
reference to an object that may or may not be itself properly initialized.
It can never be a random set of bits.

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  On 03/02/2013 21:21, David Holmes wrote:

Yann Le Tallec writes:
(2) Same question with resource declared as "private static Resource
resource;" (without the "= null") and with the additional assumption
that Resource is immutable

- I am told that "Resource resource; can't race whereas Resource
resource = null; can", but I don't see why they are different from a
JMM perspective.
There is no difference. "Resource resource;" implicitly sets resource to
null during static initialization of the class.
  Then it may also return a non-null value that is not even a valid
reference, and certainly doesn't necessarily reference a valid Resource



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