[concurrency-interest] refreshes + outage

Doug Lea dl at cs.oswego.edu
Wed Jun 19 19:37:37 EDT 2013

As the main JDK8 java.util.concurrent classes are finally in the
process of being integrated into OpenJDK8, I updated jsr166e
packages (i.e., classes with as much of the functionality
as JDK8 classes as possible without JDK8 language/VM support).
This includes some bugfixes and performance improvements.

The only jsr166e change worth noting is that the bulk
tasks and Spliterator APIs changed a lot in the course
of implementing lambda support. So jsr166e.ConcurrentHashMapV8
now includes an updated nested ConcurrentHashMapSpliterator
interface that provides a subset of JDK8 java.util.Spliterator.
Sorry to those using ConcurrentHashMapV8 for parallel tasks
that you'll need to update usage code.

Also, due to popular demand, we set up a "jsr166-4jdk7"
repository that includes the most recent internal
implementations, but with (almost) the same externals
as initial JDK7. (There are few added things compared to initial
JDK7, for example FJP commonPool, that would cause too much
disruption to pull out.) There's no separate packaging,
just files.

The concurrency-interest page has all of the usual details
and links to source, API docs, and jar files:

You might want to grab things soon, maybe the entire
tarball pf everything, at:

Any day now (possibly this Friday 21 June), our department
will be moving across the street to a new building, and nothing
will work until we re-set-up servers and labs. It could
only be a day, but I wouldn't bet on it. (Try asking
Google maps for "Takamine Street, Oswego, NY" if
you are geographically curious. That's the street we are
moving across. Well, it used to be a street.)


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