[concurrency-interest] Hardware for testing

Jan Kotek discus at kotek.net
Mon Jun 24 06:38:52 EDT 2013


I need to test parallel computations (mostly fork-join) and I am looking for  
hardware to use for testing. I want many cores and mainstream architecture. It 
should be affordable.

So far I came with those options:

 -  rent a server on AWS or similar. But virtualization could render tests 
useless. Also long-term price is not so good.

 - buy second-hand rack server. For example HP ProLiant with 4x6 core Opteron 
is very cheap. Also old AMDs are probably best for testing since there is no 
power management. 

 - build machine from parts (2x12 core Opteron, dual socket EATX motherboard). 
This would be basically standard desktop, expandable with DDR3 memory modules 
and PCIe cards. 

 - Parallella has 64 cores ARM CPU. But it may not run Java and probably has 
strange architecture, so not rally an option for testing.

Any comments?

Jan Kotek

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