[concurrency-interest] Fork and and timed get

Jonathan Soto jso at quartetfs.com
Mon Nov 18 11:35:13 EST 2013

Hello everyone,
It has been a few days I am thinking about this problem. Could you help me ?

Suppose that we have two tasks
- task1 waits for 5s
- task2 forks task1 and does a timed get of 2.5 seconds

The main thread submits task2 to a FJP.

I observe the following behavior.
- Thread Main   :

- Thread FJPO-1 : task1.fork
As we are in the FJP it adds task1 into the workQueue of the current thread
Task1 does not start in another thread

- Thread FJPO-1 : task1.get(2.5, SECONDS)
Starts by checking if the current thread has some local tasks to be done.
As there is task1 that has been previously stored, we execute it.

Task1 takes 5 seconds to be executed. The 2.5 seconds timeout is totally

Is that the expected behavior ?



P.s in attachment a unit test that prints FAIL when the test fails
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