[concurrency-interest] Queue quest

Sergey Mashkov comm at sergey-mashkov.net
Tue Apr 8 12:07:22 EDT 2014

Hi Viktor

Well, if it will not make you anger, why don't you mention Java's 
LinkedBlockingQueue? In 99% cases it's sufficient so you generally don't 
need lock-free algos.

By the way I don't think it's possible to implement in practice actually 
efficient non-blocking queue with no preallocated buffer.

Kind regards

√iktor Ҡlang писал 2014-04-08 06:38:
> Hey everyone,
> I thought I'd throw this question out there before I go all out NIH.
> Does anybody know of an open source (apache 2 compatible) "minimal
> overhead", non-blocking, bounded, non-constant-space (i.e. no
> ringbuffer or preallocated size array) multiple-producer
> single-consumer/multiple-consumer queues in Java/bytecode?
> --
>  Cheers,
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