[concurrency-interest] ThreadSafe static analysis tool for Java concurrency: now with command-line invocation

Don Sannella d.sannella at contemplateltd.com
Wed Apr 16 10:09:47 EDT 2014

Contemplate has recently released a new version of ThreadSafe, an 
advanced static analysis tool that specifically targets Java concurrency 
defects and includes some dedicated treatment for java.util.concurrent. 
I have previously announced a ThreadSafe plugin for Eclipse on this list 
and invited feedback.

New in this release is a command-line version of ThreadSafe which 
produces an HTML report with clickable links, giving ways of browsing 
findings and relating them to the source code. This makes ThreadSafe 
available to people who use IDEs other than Eclipse, and opens the way 
to integration with build/CI tools.

We've also done some major surgery on ThreadSafe's analysis algorithms 
to improve the accuracy of its results, and made other improvements.

An recent InfoQ article about ThreadSafe, showing examples of 
concurrency errors it finds in open source applications including Apache 
JMeter and K9Mail, is here:
As far as we've been able to determine, none of the bugs shown are 
caught by any other Java static analysis tool.

You can see an example of the output of the command-line interface at:
This is for the same version of Apache JMeter as was discussed in the 
InfoQ article.

You can get a free two-week trial of ThreadSafe Solo (Eclipse plugin and 
command-line version) by filling out a simple webform at:

A SonarQube plugin is also available for free trial. Please write to me 
if interested.

More information is on Contemplate's website:

As before, I'm interested in feedback and hope that you will help to 
spread the word!

Best regards,

Don Sannella

Prof. Donald Sannella, Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science,
School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh EH8 9AB, UK
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