[concurrency-interest] Possible classloader leak caused by Striped64

Martin Buchholz martinrb at google.com
Tue Apr 29 13:44:58 EDT 2014

Guava bug
reports that Guava's private copy of Striped64 may cause classloader
retention because of the
class com.google.common.cache.Striped64$HashCode
held via a threadlocal.

Looking at jsr166 CVS, I see that the src/main version of Striped64 no
longer uses this class (and in any case this class is designed to be loaded
from the bootclass loader, making this problem moot), but the jsr166e
version of Striped64 appears to also have this problem.  If there is a
solution (and the guava bug report includes a patch) it is likely that both
guava and jsr166e would benefit from the same fix.


Doug, could you take a look?
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