[concurrency-interest] ConTest and similar concurrency test tools?

Joe Bowbeer joe.bowbeer at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 18:19:46 EDT 2015

In Appendix A of Clean Code (2008, by Robert C. Martin), Brett Schuchert
recommends the use of IBM's ConTest testing tool for shaking out
concurrency-related bugs.

If one were to update this appendix today, are there some newer tools worth
mentioning that are now used for this purpose?


"ConTest is an advanced testing solution from IBM, whose main use is to
expose and eliminate concurrency-related bugs in parallel and distributed
software. [...] ConTest systematically and transparently schedules the
execution of program threads such that program scenarios which are likely
to contain race conditions, deadlocks and other intermittent bugs -
collectively called synchronization problems - are forced to appear with
high frequency. In doing so, ConTest dramatically improves the quality of
testing and reduces development expense, as bugs are found earlier in the
testing process."
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