[concurrency-interest] Seeking tech reviewer

Blake Meike blake.meike+concurrency at gmail.com
Sat Aug 22 13:53:41 EDT 2015

 Please pardon a quick sales pitch.  I’ve followed this list for years and would be really honored if someone here would take me up on this offer.

 I’m writing a book on concurrent programming for Android and I need a tech review.  The book is part of a curated series of Android books, each of which will address a specific topic.  Because of that it is focused (on concurrency) and fairly short (~200 pages).  There is some code to test but, because this is not a project-centered book, not a great deal.

 I’d like to enlist the aid of someone with a good understanding of concurrency and some familiarity with Android who is willing to read the book with a find toothed comb and give honest feedback and, perhaps, try out some of the code.  I estimate something around 20 hours to read and another 10-20 to test things.  Under 40hrs total.

 For this you get $350 from Pearson (yeah, I know), a copy of the book, and, with luck, some notoriety.  I’m obviously prejudiced, but I think it’s an enjoyable read, too.

 Please e-mail me directly if you are interested.

 Blake Meike

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