[concurrency-interest] CompletableFuture.whenComplete survey

Doug Lea dl at cs.oswego.edu
Mon Dec 21 09:22:27 EST 2015

On 12/21/2015 09:01 AM, joe.bowbeer at gmail.com wrote:
> Given this discussion, I had assumed that the jdk8 documentation left the door
> open regarding what happened if the whenComplete action itself threw an
> exception,

Given the controversy, the survey includes all known options,
including those that would require an interface-level spec change.
Only the first two options are clearly compatible with current spec.

> I agree that better documentation about the intended use is needed.

Suggestions are always welcome! People out there do complain
a lot about the terse javadocs. We initially decided against
tutorial-style documentation, thinking that the topic was too
big to fit into javadocs. But a few additional explanations
and examples would still help.

A few tutorials have arisen elsewhere, including in some java8 books and:


and probably more.


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