[concurrency-interest] jdk9 Candidate classes Flow and SubmissionPublisher

Doug Lea dl at cs.oswego.edu
Thu Jan 15 12:25:17 EST 2015

Here's the only set of candidates for new jdk9 j.u.c classes:

As discussed a few months ago, there is no single best fluent
async/parallel API. CompletableFuture/CompletionStage best supports
continuation-style programming on futures, and java.util.stream best
supports (multi-stage, possibly-parallel) "pull" style operations on
the elements of collections. Until now, one missing category was
"push" style operations on items as they become available from an
active source. We are not alone in wanting a standard way to support
this. Over the past year, the "reactive-streams"
(http://www.reactive-streams.org/) effort has been defining a minimal
set of interfaces expressing commonalities and allowing
interoperablility across frameworks (including Rx and Akka Play), that
is nearing release. These interfaces include provisions for a simple
form of async flow control allowing developers to address resource
control issues that can otherwise cause problems in push-based
systems. Supporting this mini-framework helps avoid unpleasant
surprises possible when trying to use pull-style APIs for "hot"
reactive sources (but conversely is not as good a choice as
java.util.Stream for "cold" sources like collections).

The four intertwined interfaces (Publisher, Subscriber, Subscription,
Processor) are defined within the same class "Flow", that also
includes the first of some planned support methods to establish and
use Flow components, including tie-ins to java.util.streams and
CompletableFutures. See

(Logistically, the only alternative to class Flow would have been
to introduce a subpackage, which unnecessarily complicates usage.  And
"import static java.util.concurrent.Flow;" is about as convenient as
"import java.util.concurrent.flow.*;" would be.)

Also, the new stand-alone class SubmissionPublisher can serve as a
bridge from various kinds of item producers to Flow components, and is
useful in its own right. It is a form of ordered multicaster that
people have complained that we don't support in j.u.c, but now do.

Disclaimers: These are only candidates for inclusion.  The are in
preliminary form and will change. But comments and suggestions would
be welcome. As with the other candidate additions, if you are brave,
you can try out snapshots on jdk8+ by getting
and running java -Xbootclasspath/p:jsr166.jar


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