[concurrency-interest] CopyOnWriteArrayNavigableSet too late for JEP 266?

Aaron Grunthal aaron.grunthal at infinite-source.de
Sat Oct 24 21:02:09 EDT 2015

One useful advantage of Navigable-/SortedSet is that one can not only 
test the presence of an element but also extract the matching element by 
(ab)using the floor/ceil methods.

Regular sets cannot be used for interning and a Map has the added 
overhead/indirection with its Map.Entry objects.

On 14.10.2015 14:41, Doug Lea wrote:
> So, one question is whether all four of SortedArrayList, SortedArraySet,
> SortedCopyOnWriteArrayList, and SortedCopyOnWriteArraySet should now be
> introduced to fill in the coverage gaps. Or whether the use cases
> covered by only SortedCopyOnWriteArraySet are special enough to
> warrant inclusion without the others. This is the kind of question
> that tends to lead to prolonged inaction in JDK. So any thoughts on
> resolving it quickly would be welcome.

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