[concurrency-interest] Flow API tools for working with cold observables

Pavel Rappo pavel.rappo at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 06:29:10 EST 2016


I wonder if there are any plans on creating some intermediary working between a
publisher and a subscriber that would take care of buffering? I believe it might
become a common need for Flow API adopters as it seems to represent a highly
reusable component. As I understand, j.u.c.SubmissionPublisher is not
particularly good for working with "cold" observables. It provides buffering but
for a different reason and it also relies on "drop handling and/or blocking" for
flow control. I don't think any of these options are particularly good when
working with cold observables in a non-blocking fashion.

What is needed in its essence is a some kind of "elastic coupling" working
between 2 subscribers that effectively manages a steady flow of items
prefetching them (if stock drops below some level) from the input side and
transferring them to the output side.


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